Topic Based Writing

Despite various software and product improvements, most documentation is still written as a book. This works fine for writing novels, but if the emphasis is on the transmission of information, then modular documentation quickly becomes the most efficient way.

Whether it relates to products, buildings, machines or software, all are nowadays built from modules. This can also be done for (technical) documentation. Here it would be important that the information is self-contained and easily reusable.

This course teaches a student to switch up they way they think about the structure, construction and approach of documentation as well as an appropriate way of writing.


  • The benefits of Topic-Based Writing;
  • Analysing and distributing texts/topics;
  • Setting up a good document structure;
  • Writing for reuse;
  • Applying building blocks, fields and content strategy.

Course material:

  • Presentation;
  • Elaborated assignments.


At the end of the course the student will be able to independently analyse, structure and (re)write documentation, based on small independent building blocks (topics).

More information:

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