Work as cleverly and efficiently as possible. It can be that easy, and at Foxiz, it is! At Foxiz, we have been working for wonderful clients in the technical sector, in the broadest sense of the word, for a long time. Think of companies specialised in the automotive industry, grading machines, electric charging solutions or hardware and software for education. We guarantee top-quality translations, stick to our promises and strive to maintain good relations with our clients.

Foxiz has a professional network of technical translators who form the bridge between the client’s request and the translation. The majority of the process, from the initial request and quotation to the final translation, is fully automated. Easily log into our portal, upload the file, select the desired languages and services and we are almost ready to start translating. The only thing left to do is to approve the quotation online, and the translators can get started.

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Translation memory

All professional translating agencies work with a translation memory (not to be confused with a translation machine such as Google Translate). A translation memory is every client’s own language database and is a crucial and inseparable part of the translation process. In case previously translated sentences are identical or partially similar in subsequent documents, or occur multiple times in the same document, they are offered at a discount. This cost-saving element and consistent use of terminology and sentence structures are the biggest benefits of a translation memory.


Our solutions make it possible to easily and efficiently facilitate translations for various types of technical, commercial and software-related documents in virtually any combination of languages imaginable. Think of complete manuals, blogs, newsletters, product updates or entire websites. For any type of request, we have a translator who fits the bill.

In addition to translating, Foxiz also offers other services. We write technical documents, such as manuals, working instructions and training documents, and teach companies how to develop their documentation.

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Foxiz is the specialist in the field of technical documentation and translations and we share our craftsmanship with our versatile
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