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Save means save, and that is the widely accepted term by now. A solid translation of a simple command.

However, keep, store or preserve could also be used, but why? Who decides this? You, the client, and only you. But how do you decide this? And what do you have to consider? For instance, it is, of course, quite impractical if the manual contains a different term from the software itself. Or what if the chosen term is too long and does not fit the keyboard button? All these things need to be taken into account. At Foxiz, we have the answers and we are here to think along with you.

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Be clever

Wisdom is better than strength… A saying that holds true also for us. A compact team that offers endless possibilities. Combine a securely assembled network with the right tooling and technology, and you have a valuable mix of quality, price and service. At Foxiz, the client pays only for the product or service delivered. No additional costs on top of the price per word for project management, if project management is not even required. That sounds logical, but unfortunately is not always the case.

Foxiz works with a sophisticated system in which our clients can quickly and conveniently post and monitor the status of assignments and receive them once they are completed.


Naturally, we use the services of native speakers, selected on expertise and experience. Combined with the client-specific translation memories and terminology lists, we provide a solid foundation from which to deliver top-quality translations. The project manager will always perform a final check with regard to content, accuracy, completeness, typos and layout, before delivering the final product.

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Foxiz is the specialist in the field of technical documentation and translations and we share our craftsmanship with our versatile
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