Foxiz facilitates various types of language services, both verbal and written. Our services are classified as follows:

  • Translating
  • Proofreading
  • Transcreating
  • Post-editing
  • DTP
  • Images and sound
  • Terminology

Foxiz makes translations understandable

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Translating is converting the original language (source language) to a desired language (target language), always executed by a native speaker. For the various sectors in which Foxiz operates, we have different translators with diverse backgrounds and experiences – always well suited for your assignment.


Do you want to be sure there are no typos in your translation and that the text is grammatically correct? Then proofreading is a convenient and accessible option to make sure your text is perfect. Proofreading is done by a second translator without consulting the source text. It is all about the accuracy of the text, not so much about the perception of the translation.


Transcreation goes a step further than translating and proofreading. It can be described as copywriting into a target language. The specialist first loosely translates the text to a particular target language and, after that, completely dismisses the original text. He or she will then focus on the readability of the ‘new’ text, and how understandable it is. Does the message fit the culture of the country, without losing the core message? Transcreation offers a customised text that seamlessly aligns with the culture and targeted market. In doing so, you are assured to never miss the mark.


Post-editing is an increasingly popular translation service, which is primarily caused by an emerging trend; machine translation. Google Translate is perhaps the most well-known example, but there are various other translation machines. Yet, the output is not always up to par straight away, and sometimes even quite poor. The post-editor ensures that an automatically generated translation can be turned into an unambiguous and intelligible storyline. Similar to proofreading, it focuses on the linguistic accuracy of the text, not necessarily on how the translation is perceived.


The layout of a catalogue, brochure, manual or flyer also has to be right in the target language. Some languages are longer than others, meaning that translated sentences can go beyond the original format. Rest assured, Foxiz also happily facilitates your layout, also referred to as Desktop Publishing (DTP). We are familiar with the most common packages, including Adobe InDesign. Ready for publication in any language straight away, it can be that easy!

Images and sound

Foxiz translates training materials, corporate videos, subtitles and more. Our voice-over unit offers the option of recording the translated text and editing it into a final product.


For every company, both online and offline, it is important to ensure that the terminology is in good shape, irrespective of the language. Whether it concerns SEO terminology or specific product names, at Foxiz, our tool contains extensive terminology lists, which can be continuously complemented by our clients and our specialists.

Foxiz Translations | Logo | English

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