Foxiz wants to be the best technical content developer in the Netherlands! That is the finish line, but when are you there?In our opinion, the journey may be even more important than the destination. The journey feeds our desire to keep developing. This way, we can continue to improve the final product for our clients.

Unique range of courses Good technical content can only be created by people with the right knowledge and skills. With the Foxiz Academy, we offer a complete and unique range of courses for technical writers. In doing so, we continuously stimulate the development of our own people and the specialists of our clients.

Enthusiastic professionals

Our training courses are taught by enthusiastic professionals. They are passionate about passing on their knowledge and experience and raise your knowledge to a higher level. We facilitate these training courses at our office or on site.

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Our basic offer

The Foxiz Academy has a range of six basic training courses, aimed at providing the essential knowledge and insight to the (novice) technical writer.

These courses can also be combined and taken as a complete training track

In addition to these courses, we also offer an extensive range of profound courses for those looking for more deepening.

Training Course

The basic courses are separate, but can also be combined into one training course called ‘Technical Writer’. We offer companies and universities of applied sciences the opportunity to follow this module. This could be at our office in Tiel, but also on site. This way, (future) technical writers have a solid and complete basic understanding before getting started.

In-depth Courses

In addition to our range of basic courses, we also offer in-depth courses for the experienced writer:

  • DITA/XML for beginners
  • Topic-Based Writing
  • Simplified Technical English (STE)

Would you like to know more? Please contact us.

Additional information

Would you like your employees to become the best technical writers? We are more than willing to help.

If you would like to learn more about the programmes, content and costs, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +31 344 84 88 00

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