About Foxiz

Foxiz is specialised in the field of technical documentation. Our specialists have more than 20 years of relevant experience in a broad range of disciplines.

Since the start of our company in 2012, it has been our mission to make technical documentation understandable to the public at large. We do this by helping companies to develop and restructure their technical documentation so that processes can be executed efficiently, safely and correctly. Because whether you need to clean the coffee dispenser, carry out car maintenance or run a wind farm, each of these tasks requires correct information.


With a firm foothold in technical documentation, we take pleasure in making information understandable by:

· Assigning the right specialist to your documentation issue;
· Carefully listening to customer issues and thinking along with the client;
· Mapping the correct objective and the corresponding target group;
· Keeping an eye on the bigger picture, taking into account reuse and translations;
· Explaining difficult information in an easy manner, both visually and in words;
· And adhering to rules and regulations such as the NEN-5509 and the Machinery Directive.

Foxiz makes technical documentation understandable

Our mission