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Since 2011, Foxiz has become one of the biggest in its area of expertise. Our company is located in Tiel, in the heart of the Betuwe.Foxiz makes technology understandable. We help companies with developing and restructuring their technical documentation, so processes run more efficiently, safely and accurately.

We do so in various languages and for a wide range of sectors and target audiences. Whether it concerns cleaning a coffee machine, conducting a maintenance check on a train or managing a sewage plant, every assignment deserves the right information.

Our team consists of project managers, technical writers, technical designers and translators. This strong team has broad experience and various areas of expertise.

Foxiz stands for top-quality content, in any desired form of presentation, from consultancy to implementation.

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With a firm foothold in technical documentation, we take pleasure in making information understandable by:

  • Assigning the right specialist to your documentation issue;
  • Carefully listening to customer issues and thinking along with the client;
  • Mapping the correct objective and the corresponding target group;
  • Keeping an eye on the bigger picture, taking into account reuse and translations;
  • Explaining difficult information in an easy manner, both visually and in words;
  • And adhering to rules and regulations such as the NEN-5509 and the Machinery Directive.
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Foxiz is the specialist in the field of technical documentation and translations and we share our craftsmanship with our versatile
Academy. Would you like to receive more information about our services and what we can do for your company?

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