Mission and Core values

Our mission: to be the best technical content developer in the Netherlands! Foxiz guarantees understandable technical documentation for various sectors and target audiences. Whether it concerns using a specific software, vacuum cleaner or maintaining a sea lock.

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We are passionate about clear content

And not only us, our content also makes our clients happy. Our unequivocal, appealing and cleverly constructed documentation gives you an immediate head start. Working safely and efficiently, supported by understandable content, that’s what it’s all about!

We colour outside the lines

What is the result of looking at conveying information with a resourceful, sometimes contentious, but always creative eye? Contemporary content, focused on your target audience, that eliminates any possible preconceptions about manuals!
That is how we ensure that the content we develop, irrespective of the language, is in perfect harmony with the user’s requirements.

You can count on us

Talk is cheap. To practise what you preach is more difficult, but that is always our starting point. Our way of working is clear. Just like our clients, we don’t like unpleasant surprises. A deal is a deal.
The needs of our clients take centre stage. All our products and activities are aligned to that end. That is how easy it should be.

We get the best out of ourselves

To be the best… Is all about recruiting and retaining good people.
At Foxiz, we do this by creating an environment in which our colleagues can thrive to get the best out of themselves. Being proud of your team and taking pride in your contribution. That is what we believe in. Personal development is a crucial element of this. Our very own Foxiz Academy ensures our colleagues are always up to date.
In the Foxiz Academy we wish to share our knowledge and experience with our clients and colleagues. That is our contribution to the development of our trade.

We never stop thinking

Developing manuals, operating instructions and training courses, and translating and managing them is a continuous process. The (technical) world we live in is dynamic and innovative. Motivation, flexibility, setting priorities and an ongoing desire to improve: it is imprinted in our genes. We align our processes and activities with the environment in which we operate and always remain pragmatic and result-driven.

Keep it simple. Or, as we put it: Foxiz makes technology understandable!

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More information

Foxiz is the specialist in the field of technical documentation and translations and we share our craftsmanship with our versatile
Academy. Would you like to receive more information about our services and what we can do for your company?

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