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Written, digital or video instruction, what do you choose?

Dirty fingers, moist environment, insufficient light and an unreadable manual with pages that are stuck together. This happens frequently and it used to be the only way, until now. There are many alternatives. In this blog, we zoom in on the possibilities of digital and/or video instructions.

The right type of (technical) instructions depends on the situation

We all know the client stories: in a critical situation, settings need to be adjusted promptly, or components need to be replaced to restore business operations. A critical situation is, for instance, when a water treatment plant stalls or if a fireman is unable to extinguish a fire due to a wrong action. Or what about a software defect? An accessible work instruction, manual or FAQ overview helps in being up and running again as soon as possible.

A written or video instruction, both are possible in the digital era

When do you choose paper, video instruction or another digital way to inform your user? And what are the available options?

It is becoming increasingly easy to write a work instruction or manual by using a content management solution, such as XML / DITA. This sounds technical, but comes down to the instruction or manual being written in a package that gives you the option to create a PDF or a website. That is, on paper or digital. Often paper is the assumption, not because we love it so much, but rather because the laws requires it. We can teach you all about this in our NEN5509 Machinery Directive course. When to choose digital? The user is always the starting point: what is of most value to the user? And what do you show? The manual, in an interactive format, as a website or a video instruction? Or add your video to your digital instructions?

The (video) instruction is subject to the situation of the end user

For us, the user is always central, and that applies particularly to situations in which they use the instructions. Browsing through a manual while standing on a roof in stormy weather while building a scaffold to install solar panels… not ideal. A digital Quick Start on a portable, weather-proof and robust tablet? Great idea! A short installation video may be even better. And do you opt for just pictures, or in the form of a video? All these questions can be taken into consideration. Is the consumer a lawn mower user, in the middle of nowhere, without internet or other utilities? That little old paper manual comes in very handy.

Foxiz, professionals in the field of developing technical manuals

At Foxiz, we are experienced in any type of manual you can think of. A manual, work instruction, video instruction or even an app with an augmented reality environment to make your product come to life. The manual or technical information and the user are always the most important starting point: what do you show, when do you show it and, most importantly, how do you show it. A video instruction can be designed in many different ways: as a motion picture, in 3D, with or without voice-over. For any product in any language: together we come to a suitable solution. Naturally, we guarantee that our users are satisfied and are able to carry out their work properly.

Do you need a clear and workable technical instruction? Foxiz is happy to help!

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