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Simplified Technical English (STE)

Attention to all technical writers! The two-day workshop “Simplified Technical English” (STE) will take place at our Tiel office on 1 and 2 February. In this interactive and informative course, you will learn to standardise technical content, which leads to:

  • writing more efficiently
  • communicating more effectively with a global audience
  • improving operational safety
  • reduction of downtime
  • modular writing and content reuse
  • improved teamwork
  • optimisation of the translation process
  • increased consistency
  • optimisation of product support
  • reducing the cost of writing and maintaining technical documentation

The workshop will be hosted by Shumin Chen (Shufrans TechDocs) and is built up as follows:

Day 1 – Theory

1. Practical overview of Simplified Technical English
2. How STE helps both native and non-native English speakers
3. Advantages of STE
4. Writing rules and how to apply them in practice
5. General vocabulary
6. Approved and non-approved words, and the rationale behind it

Day 2 – Practice (application and exercises)

1. Dealing with industry-specific terminology
2. Using STE for different types of documentation
3. Implementing STE with minimal disruption to ongoing production and documentation processes
4. Practical workshop session for applying STE rules to your own documents
5. Review, edit and discuss participants’ own documentation
6. Presentation of own documents

As a technical writer, you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on this course, so make a note on your calendar and let us know if you want to join!