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MS-WORD: Training for Technical Writers

Microsoft Word has been the most widely-used programme for Technical Writers since time immemorial. It offers numerous handy functionalities thanks to which professional writers can work more efficiently. Unfortunately, some of these functionalities are not or hardly ever used, and that’s a shame because they could result in significant time saving and more consistent documentation.

Foxiz is organising another MS-WORD training course for Technical Writers in the spring. During this interactive training roll-out, with all its practical examples and exercises, the following subjects will be addressed:

  • Shaping a solid documentation structure.
  • Developing and securing layout styles.
  • Using dictionaries, synonym lists and glossaries.
  • Reusing texts, setting up and managing fields, building blocks and macros..
  • Appropriate insertion of illustrations and captions.
  • Cross-references, bookmarks and indexes.
  • Use of columns, sections and section ends.
  • Working together with multiple authors.
  • Version control, document comparison.

During a training session, theory alternates with exercises and there is plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. We can cater for all your training needs on a day like this, which we have priced at €495 per participant.

Drop us a mail at and we will handle your registration.

Date: Tuesday 5 June 2018
Location: Tiel
Time: 08:30 – 17:00 hours
Register quickly, because full up is full up!