Foxiz quick scan

FOXIZ QUICK SCAN: Is your documentation process up to scratch?

Your company develops documents related to your products and/or services. How is this documentation structured and shaped? Can it be reused? How much of it then? And how? All relevant and frequently-asked questions in the discipline of technical documentation related to manuals, procedures and information bulletins / product sheets. Foxiz consultants can answer these questions for you and present a proposition in which these issues (and more) are addressed in full. We would be more than happy to assist with the assessment of your documentation issues and review together with you if a content management system (CMS) would help your organisation to handle its documentation smarter and more efficiently. Foxiz carries this out with the help of a Quick Scan, an affordable and clear way to arrive at a plan of action. Our consultant interviews stakeholders in your organisation and maps:
  • How important documentation is for your organisation.
  • For whom the documentation is made.
  • By whom the documentation is made.
  • How the documentation is made (tools, workflows).
  • How version control and different variations are managed.
  • Whether the documentation needs to be translated.
  • How the documentation is distributed.
  • How long the process takes.
  • Future requirements.
This results in a recommendation that provides insight into potential improvements while proposing options to execute these enhancements. Foxiz carries out this Quick Scan for a competitive fixed fee of only €999 excluding VAT. Our consultant spends a day with you on location and puts the findings on paper. We’re on stand-by! Call us on +31 344-848800 or send us an email to in order to make an appointment.