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Foxiz: New logo, new website, new office!

At Foxiz, we are always in motion. Not only with regard to the services we provide, our business objectives and the quality we want to represent and, of course, deliver, but also in the most literal sense of the word by moving into a new office. On 19 March, after nine years in the city centre of Tiel, we relocate to the Kersenboogerd 13 (Business Park Westroijen), also in Tiel. A modern and well-equipped office from which we can provide even better service to our clients.
But that’s not all. With this relocation, we seized the opportunity to introduce an entirely new house style. A modern look and feel that better aligns with our mission and our new office, and explains who we are, what we stand for and what our ambition is.

So, without further ado, we proudly present our new logo! It is completely designed from our mission, core values and services. The animation shows how the logo is constructed from the various elements. We will give a brief explanation below.

Starting with the first element, ‘Documentation’. Creating technical documentation – manuals, working instructions, training materials – is our core business. It is therefore the foundation of our logo.

Foxiz | Logo | Elementen opbouw

On top of it, we place the element ‘Document’. In order to develop documentation, we need access to the important information. Think of risk assessments, EG certifications, functional designs and other relevant documents. Documents are therefore an essential part of good documentation.

Foxiz | Logo | Elementen opbouw

At Foxiz, we go for gold. We strive to develop the most optimal technical content, most relevant for the target audience of our clients. Therefore, we set up our Academy, to excel in our profession. We wish to share our knowledge and experience with our clients and colleagues. That is our contribution to the development of our discipline.

Foxiz | Logo | Elementen opbouw

Companies that want to be internationally relevant need to provide good information to their customers in the right language. The translation agency of Foxiz facilitates translations in any desired language. The element represents more than only transposing from language A to language B. We always translate from the principle that content has to contribute to, for instance, a correct and safe execution of the tasks, regardless of language!

Foxiz | Logo | Elementen opbouw

Foxiz wants to be the best technical content developer in the Netherlands! Our mission feeds our ambition to constantly keep developing and continuously strive for an even better final product for our clients. This is, and remains, our passion, symbolised in the final element!

Foxiz | Logo | Elementen opbouw

All these elements combined form our new logo. We present the final result in an animation and can now be admired on all our external communication.

From 22 March, we are officially located at the Kersenboogerd 13 in Tiel.
Those who visited us over the past nine years know that we are currently located in an incredible listed building right in the city centre. Despite its beauty, it no longer suits the growth we are experiencing and what we want to represent as a company.

Soon we will have great facilities to accommodate flex workplaces and a large and modern space to train our clients and colleagues with our Academy. In addition, it has fresh and modern offices, each fitted with a subtle reference to our house style.

Unfortunately, due to the current corona crisis, we are unable to celebrate our opening as bombastically as we would have liked to. We do want to personally invite you to visit us, once that is all possible again. We hope to see you soon!