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Writing Guide

Writing Dutch correctly and flawlessly is no rocket science, as long as you know the tricks of the trade. This course is packed with practically applicable background knowledge, tips and tools to better write in Dutch. With this training, technical writers can improve and refresh their knowledge of the Dutch language. They also learn to write coherently and, above all, in a target-oriented way.


  • Sharpen your writing skills: grammar, rules and style;
  • Active writing;
  • Target your audience through good writing: register and specific characteristics;
  • Editorial skills and a critical language attitude.

Course Material:

  • Presentation;
  • Practical language tools for everyday use;
  • Theory and detailed exercises available as handouts.


After completing the workshop, the trainee will have greatly improved his or her knowledge of the Dutch language and can stay clear of common or careless mistakes. Not only will the trainee write more effectively and with greater confidence, but he or she will also learn to convert complex technical information into a user-friendly manual.

The trainee demonstrates a good understanding of language register and how to use it correctly. You will learn to read the work of others as well as your own from a critical and respectful perspective.

Additional Information:

SIf you are interested in this training and would like to learn more about the programme, content and costs, please feel free to contact us: or +31 344 84 88 00