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A technical writer wants to receive the necessary information at the right moment to comfortably meet the deadlines. This can be tricky, for instance if the engineer you need has little time to answer your questions. How do you draw the attention? In this course, you learn how to use your verbal skills as a technical writer in the workplace in order to keep your work up to standard, despite potential restrictions.


  • Gathering information efficiently through smooth interaction with knowledge carriers;
  • How to deal with bottlenecks between writer and expert?;
  • Using conversation techniques as tools to continuously improve the transfer of knowledge between writer and expert.

Course Material:

  • Presentation;
  • Course book Leren Communiceren (Learn to Communicate)
  • Premium course card listing the main points.


After completing the training, you will be better equipped to use verbal communication skills to gather technical information. This way, you get a deeper understanding of the subject more quickly and deliver better content.

The knife cuts both ways: the quality of technical documentation is improved and follow-up tasks are much more streamlined.

Additional Information:

If you are interested in this training and would like to learn more about the programme, content and costs, please feel free to contact us: or +31 344 84 88 00