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The core business of Foxiz is developing technical documentation. We make documentation for safe and correct operation of maintenance activities or for assembly and installation. We provide this service for companies that operate in a broad range of sectors. For instance, we have experience in and with the Ministry of Defence, consumer electronics, automotive, technical and production environments, mechanical engineering and the Dutch Regional Water Authorities. Think of:

  • Manuals
  • Operating instructions
  • Training materials
  • Instruction cards
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Technical drawings

Foxiz makes technology understandable! For a wide range of sectors and target audiences.

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Foxiz develops manuals so that assembly, utility and maintenance can be executed quickly and efficiently. As a company, you want to be sure that your process or product is used in the right way and that the appropriate maintenance work is carried out. Our approach and our specialists ensure correct and coherent information.

Operating instructions

Is the task at hand immediately intelligible to one and all? How you can execute it safely? Foxiz knows how best to approach tasks and target groups with meaningful operating instructions. Whether the material is visualised operating instructions or more written content, our specialists find the right touch.

Training materials

Do you want to teach your employees why your product is so good? Or simply ensure your employees feel comfortable in their day-to-day work and know how to carry out certain activities? Training is important at both a task and product level. Our training materials ensure that your target group gets off to a good start because it understands the ins and outs of of your product, task or process.

Instructional cards

Foxiz develops instruction cards in various shapes and sizes and for wide-ranging purposes. The most prevalent are instruction cards for installation purposes or in the form of a summarised manual (QRG – Quick Reference Guide) and wherever possible as graphic as possible. Foxiz has the expertise to create compelling and crystal-clear instructions in a compact manner.

Quick Scan

Our clients are often not aware that hidden opportunities lie beneath the surface to develop or enable the development of more efficient documentation. A product, process or task can be tweaked where appropriate to convey a slightly different message. Or the text is more or less the same but the products have another name, other specifications or simply another purpose… Foxiz maps the areas where you can generate significant benefits, whether they be in writing, publishing or translations. Our Quick Scan leads to Quick Wins!

Technical drawings

Photos and illustrations are often used in manuals. You need to understand the art of omission in order to support your written assignment with an appropriate illustration. Our draughtsmen know how to do this and understand their task better than anyone. We are fortunate to have intrinsic expertise and system knowledge. A picture says more than a thousand words.

Foxiz Documentation | Logo | English

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Foxiz is the specialist in the field of technical documentation and translations and we share our craftsmanship with our versatile
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