Government documentation

Foxiz has experience with various assignments and clients at government level. We make operator and maintenance documentation for sea locks just as easily as for water boards and sewage treatment systems.

Our knowledge of automotive and engineering comes in handy in projects such as these. Take projects related to the Ministry of Defence, for example. For government departments too, Foxiz is familiar with the standards and directives to which documentation must conform.

Foxiz makes government documentation understandable

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Knowledge counts

At Foxiz, we are convinced that knowledge counts; knowledge of technical documentation, standards, directives, technology, processes and language. And perhaps most important of all; knowledge of the objective and the target audience.

Wide-ranging assignments within various sectors have provided our specialists with an overflowing backpack of knowledge and experience. We implement this know-how and experience to develop documentation for a packaging line, coffee-making appliance, heavy goods vehicle or a navigation system. At Foxiz, we live according to the letter of the law and that applies to technical documentation as well. We apply all the standard rules and regulations such as the NEN-5509 and the Machinery Directive.


Naturally we make use of experienced specialists, selected because of their skill set in their chosen speciality. Combined with the appropriate background and working experience, we ensure that the right specialist is assigned to the right task. The project leader conscientiously reviews the final product for content, spelling and design before delivery to the client. Standardisation, structure and conformity are our core values.

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