Work as cleverly and efficiently as possible. It can get that easy – and at Foxiz, it does!

Our specialists offer various professional solutions to help organisations develop their technical documentation, translations and processes. In most cases, they do so on project basis.

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Has your company developed a new product and does it require a manual? Or, is there a need to develop operating instructions for an operating or maintenance process? Foxiz has project teams with designers and technical writers, who can provide your products and processes with fitting information on site or at our office in Tiel.

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We are often asked: “Can Foxiz help us out with a temporary consultant? We need the manpower, the workload of our current team is excessive.” The answer is: we can, and we are happy to do so. Our own specialists, as well as external specialists, who are part of a carefully selected network, are happy to provide temporary or long-term support. Technical writers, designers, translators or content management specialists: Foxiz has the right people for the job.

Need a consultant?


Many of our clients can save time and costs by having their internal processes and software screened and adjusted if necessary. Generally speaking, reusing documentation is a viable option and offers more benefits than one might think. A ‘Warning’ or ‘Caution’ text often recurs on products, an introduction is relatively general and many introductions do not need to be unique. This provides a chain of benefits: compose documentation more quickly, less writing, less translating, improved quality.

After the screening, our consultants give customised solutions that align with your team, company and products.

Foxiz makes technology understandable! For a wide range of sectors and target audiences.

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