Cursus Communicatie

Communication – A Valuable Asset of the Foxiz Academy

Foxiz is fully committed to quality. We aim to be the best developer of technical content. Quality does not limit itself to simply delivering products. Quality requires the right people who have the right knowledge and background. Foxiz endeavours to make its technical writers the best in their respective profession.

Foxiz Academy

Practice what you preach. If you want to be the best in technical documentation, you need to exemplify the role of a recognised and acknowledged expert. Therefore, Foxiz founded the Academy. The Foxiz Academy offers a wide range of subject-specific trainings for both experienced and novice technical writers. For example, the NEN 5509 Training and the MS-WORD: Training for Technical Writers. The trainings are set up for our own team of employees, but customers of Foxiz are more than welcome to have their technical writers and documentalists reap the benefits.

Learning to Communicate

Good and accurate writing: We know from experience that technical writers don’t think twice about that aspect of technical documentation. They do, however, need the correct information to write properly. The key to that problem is uncovering that information at the right moment. Pinpointing the right moment is easier said than done. It may just happen that:

• The engineer with crucial knowledge is not available to answer questions.

• The desired background information is not available.

Foxiz knows that technical writers could face such challenges. We know exactly which questions to ask and how a writer should respond to complicated answers. Good communication is a vital asset in this respect.

The Training

One of our professionals with experience in communication, who is also an experienced technical writer, developed a one-day Communication training. This training deals with the everyday problems and challenges technical writers face. The trainees learn to cope with uncomfortable situations and the best way to work towards results using clear communication. Everybody is different. Different people, companies and situations require different solutions. We simulate various real-life scenarios during our Communication training. We will look at one another’s behaviour and attitude, and listen to what is being said. Every trainee receives personal guidance and advice.


Proven theories support the many practical exercises covered during this training. One of the methods used during the training is from communication scientist Michaël Steehouder. His book Leren communiceren (Learning to Communicate) explains seven rules of thumb for good, professional communication. After completing the training, all technical writers receive a copy of his famous reference book. Foxiz ensures that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and the additional material allows them to refresh their communication skills long after the training.


The training is available starting in June. The costs are € 695 (VAT excluded) per person. The Foxiz office in Tiel serves as the training location. Sounds interesting? Feel free to mail or call us for further information.