Work as cleverly and efficiently as possible. It can get that easy – and at Foxiz, it does!


At Foxiz, we develop targeted documentation on a project basis. A clear approach, no surprises and with the desired and agreed result. Firstly, our specialists map demand, target group and content that is already available and usable. On that basis, we submit a detailed quotation in which deliverables, milestones and expectations are assured. On the basis of the findings and agreements, we discuss turnaround times and reach agreement on the fee for the assignment. The project manager ensures that the agreements and turnaround times are observed and attained. We can deliver all products on offer on a project basis.


Handling peaks and understaffing. A common and most annoying issue that impacts documentation departments as well. Foxiz has its own team of specialists as well as a secure network of external experts that can be seconded on location whenever you have capacity issues. Whether you need support for a week or six months, we would be delighted to help you resolve your capacity problems. Contact us for technical writers, technical draughtsmen, document controllers, copywriters and Desktop Publishing expertise.


Our consultants have considerable experience in the field of technical documentation. At Foxiz, we know better than anyone if documentation is compliant with the appropriate standards and guidelines; consider for example the NEN-5509 and the Machinery Directive. In addition, we search together with our clients for the best approach to compile the documentation. Is reuse an option, or not at all? Are there many updates and many different people who regularly review or even edit the documentation? If the answer is yes, then the way ahead is probably via a content management system. We would be delighted to help you choose the right approach and design it for you.

Our Mission
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