A day spent with…

At Foxiz, we have several teams of specialists who each have their expertise in the field of technical documentation. Writers, illustrators, editors, content specialists, supervised and guided by our team of project managers. Our project managers are part of our project office and see to it that we deliver high-quality products. But they also focus on making sure all projects go to plan and help our specialists where needed.

Our projects are successful only if we manage our time and expectations well. This also helps us serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Our daily operations are a mystery our clients love to unravel. They are curious as to how we add value to their business. We build our added value on a good process, a good team, and proper estimations. Berry Hattink is one of our Project Managers. He tells us more about his daily life at Foxiz.

Good coffee, good manuals

There is no better start to the day than a good cup of coffee, and the coffee at our office in Tiel is the best. Our daily tasks differ greatly, because we serve such a large variety of clients and because new requests come in every single day. In our work, we strive to meet all of our client’s and our own expectations. Of course, our clients are at the centre of our attention. However, we also need to make sure our teams stay the well-oiled machines that they are.

Making technical documentation: our specialty

To deliver the best service to our clients, we try to match them with a specialist who fits the task at hand best. At Foxiz, over 40 specialists work on user manuals, maintenance instructions, operation manuals, and assembly or installation instructions daily. I run the project office with one of my colleagues. Together, we supervise and guide illustrators, writers, trainers, and content management specialists. A team of dedicated specialists makes sure the projects are successful. They provide the correct estimates and make sure that the work is carried out properly. It is my job to manage expectations and progress on all ends. Are our clients satisfied with the product we have delivered? Did we stick to the parameters of our agreement? Are we truly and effectively cooperating? As in any business, Foxiz also believes ‘information is power’. However, without information, we cannot determine our most optimal course.

My day consists of meeting with or talking to our specialists to confirm all is still going to plan. How’s their progress? Are they facing scheduling issues? We discuss anything and offer our help if needed. Our client is at the other end of the spectrum. We do consult them regularly, because without them, we cannot meet our project goals.

Manuals and QC/QA

One of my tasks is ensuring that our delivered products meet our quality standards. Did we fulfil our client’s needs and expectations? Did we adhere to our own strict quality requirements while we worked on this project? Have we complied with the applicable laws and regulations, e.g., CE regulations, the Machinery Directive and NEN5509? Have these documents been approved after an in-depth (linguistic) check?

Apart from monitoring progress and assessing the quality of our manuals, I also take part in progress meetings and I get to visit our clients. We study their products or evaluate the processes for every user manual or maintenance instruction. Being able to visit client’s and seeing and handling the products we write about is a great experience.

There is never a dull moment in my line of business and I am proud to help make technology understandable on a daily basis. On top of my packed schedule, I also help to preserve our vast knowledge of, for example, the NEN5509 and the Machinery Directive. These rules and regulations are the cornerstone of our business. Without them, we cannot produce our excellent manuals and other technical documentation.

Above all, my day-to-day job is as diverse as it is due to our clients, who operate in every industry imaginable. Just today, I visited a company that develops products to efficiently heat your living space. Tomorrow, I get to go to one the largest machine construction companies in offshore construction projects, and next week, I will be spending time at a cleaning machine distributor.

Next stop? Maybe your company?