Translation Services

Foxiz makes technology understandable! Language is an important component of that. That is why it is important to communicate in your customer’s own language, so that they can get clear information and you can rest assured that your customers or colleagues understand your product and are using it in the right way.

There’s a lot to gain from good documentation in your customer’s language, namely:

  • More sales
  • Satisfied customers
  • Less stress on your helpdesk through fewer questions
  • Fewer mistakes in the work process through increased clarity

At Foxiz we speak your customer’s language. Every customer’s language. At every level.


Foxiz stands for quality. And to guarantee quality Foxiz only works with native speakers. That is to say that our translators only work into their mother-tongue and live in the country where that language is spoken.

We also use the very latest technology to work as efficiently as possible. We find the right combination of people and tools for every project. That saves time, reduces costs and produces the best results.

Foxiz is ISO 9001:2008, certified and works in accordance with the EN-15038 standard.


When developing documentation there are a number of advantages to using a terminology list that has been compiled in advance and making optimum re-use of content:

  • It increases the consistency of your documents
  • It improves quality and prevents errors
  • It speeds up the writing process
  • It saves time and money

This also applies to translation. A well-translated piece of text that is ready to be re-used in other documents, saves you the effort and cost of having all of your documents translated.

Full Service

Foxiz offers a full service in all areas. After all you don’t only publish all of your documentation on paper.

So in addition to developing and translating your written manuals, you can also come to us for:

  • Your website
    We will translate your website texts; and in doing so we will take into account the differences in the length, size and visual direction of the text.
  • DTP
    We will take responsibility for the entire format of your web pages and preserve fonts, images and house style.
  • Voice-over/subtitling
    Do you have an instructional or promotional film that you would like to have translated? You can opt for spoken dialogue (by a native speaker) or subtitling. When writing we always take into account the length of the film and take care to set the right tone for the target audience.




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