Contract Personnel

We provide contract Technical Authors

When you are bringing a product to market, naturally you need a manual or work instruction that is complete, up-to-date and that satisfies all of your wishes as well as all legal standards. It seems simple enough, but it’s often far from it. That’s why you need the right people, with knowledge and experience.

If you don’t have the right knowledge in-house, or if you are looking for a (temporary) addition to your own team, Foxiz has the solution. Foxiz lives and breathes technical documentation. Our technical authors are enthusiastic and experienced, they are up-to-date on the latest (software) techniques and developments and as soon as they have been brought up to speed on your requirements they will be ready to start work with you on site.

Foxiz is ISO certified and has a ‘G-rekening’ (guaranteed tax payment) account.


During the initial discussion we will find out all we need to know about the project and the requirements the candidate needs to fulfil. After that conversation, we will select the specialists that best fit your project and we will present these authors’ profiles to you. Then once you have made your choice, you will get to meet them in person.

As soon as you have chosen one of our specialists, they will start working for you. During the project we will keep in touch regularly regarding progress and evaluate the work.


Are you a Technical Author looking for a nice, new challenge or an exciting short-term project?

Foxiz is always looking for enthusiastic, professional writers so that they can extend their existing team and match the right client with the right candidate.

Furthermore Foxiz can offer you the opportunity to grow within the technical documentation field, for example through courses and industry training.
View our current vacancies here. Or click here for further information with no obligation.

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Why Foxiz

Foxiz stands for professionalism, honesty and openness. We fulfil our commitments and enjoy direct contact. There are no lengthy processes or uncertainties.

Furthermore Foxiz is:

  • ISO certified
  • Fast and flexible

And Foxiz has:

  • a ‘G-Rekening’ bank account
  • an extensive database of Technical Authors and Document Controllers
  • knowledge of machinery directives
  • knowledge of various Content Management Systems
  • experience with a range of core areas

  • short lines of communication and immediate action on your requests




Company name



Foxiz BV
Ambtmanstraat 9
4001 MC Tiel
Tel. +31 344 84 88 00